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Kliff Kingsbury calls Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams 'can't miss'

NCAA Football: Lamar at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As the rumors and speculation continues, we know one thing to be true, the Arizona Cardinals have kept the NFL world talking.

Not only has the NFL been talking, they’ve been wanting to talk to the Cardinals.

That is especially true of Kliff Kingsbury.

They had him raving about Josh Rosen, praising Kyler Murray and then got to maybe the two best football players in the draft.

The questions have mostly been about Kyler Murray, but we finally we’re able to hear Kingsbury talk about Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams and what he had to say should not shock anyone.

“They’re both dominant football players, as dominant as there were in college football,” Kingsbury told the media. “They’re can’t miss prospects. When you watch them on film, the effort they play with, the type of young men they are, they’re going to be great football players.”

Kingsbury is right, Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams are the types of prospects who make NFL teams better.

They’re safe prospects in that they are at worst contributors, but both look like they can be even more.

They’re the top two options along the defensive line at the top of the draft, we’ll see how high they go.