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Arizona Cardinals set to visit with defensive lineman Ed Oliver heading into 2019 NFL Draft

NCAA Football: Houston at Navy Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2019 NFL Draft approaches, the question of what the Arizona Cardinals will do becomes more and more difficult to answer.

One option that has been floated about is that the team will trade down from the first pick, collect another couple picks and have a different set of options from their three at the top of Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams.

No, trading down opens up quite a few other options and the Cardinals are exploring those options as they get closer to the 2019 NFL Draft.

Meeting with Ed Oliver shows whether it is trading away the first pick or trading away Josh Rosen, the Arizona Cardinals have eyes on the draft outside of the top of the first round.

They see where they may have an opportunity to work there way into a player like Oliver, who could be a fit at four, six or 17 depending on what type of trade they make.

Oliver was one of the most dominant defensive linemen in college football over the last three seasons, but his production saw a little dip in his final season in college.

However, Oliver is one of the most athletic players to play along the defensive line, his testing numbers are elite and he’s had elite production in his college career.

I personally believe he’s one of the five best players in this draft.

If the Cardinals are able to snag an Oliver, they will get the improvement they so desperately need on the defensive line. The question is, how do they do it?