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Josh Rosen only worth a third round pick per Peter King’s sources

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2019 NFL Combine closes out today the buzz of the last three days remains the Arizona Cardinals.

I’ll talk a bit about everything later, but today, Peter King just dropped his weekly column on Pro Football Talk.

In it, he talked a lot about the Arizona Cardinals situation, but the main take away is the value of what the Cardinals could get back if they are truly shopping Josh Rosen:

I asked Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who lives in Arizona and watched Rosen last year, what he thinks the value for Rosen is. “I would give a three for Josh,” Warner said. A third-round pick. Yikes. Saturday night, I asked a renowned NFL GM what he thought the value of Rosen in trade would. “Probably a three,” the GM said. “Not what the Cardinals would think his value is.” Scary, on the surface, for Arizona. But if you’ve decided you want Murray, and you’ve decided Rosen’s not your guy, you’ve got to move on, regardless what you get for Rosen.

That’s now the question the Arizona Cardinals have to answer.

If they are really looking to draft Kyler Murray they have to deal Josh Rosen first. That’s the problem the Cardinals face. They may have torpedoed Rosen’s value and the value of the first pick in the process.

That’s why the next couple of weeks will be so important.

There is one team that could be a saving grace though.

The Oakland Raiders are looking to move on from Derek Carr. Despite, like the Cardinals, publicly backing their young quarterback, the sense is that Jon Gruden is completely infatuated with Murray.

The problem for the Raiders is the same as the Cardinals, they are locked in to their current quarterback situation.

There are two teams that look like they could be fits for Carr, but the price is difficult to understand.

If the Jaguars overtures to sign Nick Foles falls through, Carr could be a nice backup plan, costing about the same in salary, while likely only costing a day two pick.

The other team... the New York Giants.

If the Raiders can unload Carr, could the Cardinals in turn move the first pick to the Raiders?

Would they want to if Kliff Kingsbury is truly as hellbent on taking Murray as some in the media are portraying?

What would be the cost to move down from one to four?

Based on what I can gather from around the interwebs, the Cardinals may be able to send the first pick and Kyler Murray to the Raiders for 1.04, 1.24 and 3.02 (the 66th pick overall).

Would that be enough to give up the shot at Kyler Murray, but also likely miss on Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams?

My sentiment would be no, but I also didn’t see this whole Murray fiasco coming, so who knows.