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Arizona Cardinals have bevy of choices along defensive line in 2019 free agency

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

One of the bigger questions coming into the 2019 NFL Draft was always whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should look at Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams with the top pick.

While the Kyler Murray craze is debated and figured out, until the Cardinals make a move with Josh Rosen, the safe assumption is that the Cardinals will not be taking Murray at one.

However, the Bosa vs. Williams debate will continue to rage until at least the first week of free agency.

Why free agency? Well simply put, the options along the defensive line are plentiful for the Arizona Cardinals.

One of the reason I have been on the Bosa train is it simply will be easier to find a Williams like impact in free agency over what Bosa could possibly offer.

With the Franchise Tag passed out, there are some intriguing options for the Cardinals.

Obviously the big names are Ndamukong Suh and Sheldon Richardson, but what about getting a twofer in Henry Anderson and Tim Jernigan?

Anderson coming off a good year with the New York Jets and Jernigan getting back to his days in Baltimore where he played his best ball.

Getting a Darius Philon and Margus Hunt? What about Corey Liuget and Chris Covington?

It is an amalgamation of talented names that could give the Cardinals an alternative to Quinnen Williams at the top of draft.

The talent along the 3-4 front in free agency is rich and deep. Where the edge talent is not nearly as deep or having as much top end talent.

Now, this isn’t to say if the Cardinals signed one or two that Williams would be out of the picture, but it shows that the talent pool is pretty deep heading into free agency.