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Tuesdays With Murray

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Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

In the following video Joel Klatt makes the same argument for the Cardinals to draft Kyler Murray as I and a host of others have been making since the day the Cardinals went outside the box to hire Kliff Kingsbury as the new head coach.

Pairing Kliff Kingsbury with Kyler Murray is a match made in heaven. Klatt and Skip Bayless say the same thing.

Shannon Sharpe offers concerns about Murray’s limited playing time in his college career and fears about Murray’s durability as his height and weight. Klatt counters by saying how quick Murray is in the pocket at avoiding hits. Bayless says that as an Oklahoma fan, that because of Murray’s outstanding feet, he never worried once about Murray getting hit, when ironically back in the day, he cringed every time Sam Bradford was hit.

Both Klatt and Bayless say that Murray’s combination of superior arm talent and elite feet make him, in their opinions, the most uniquely talented QB coming out of college that they have ever seen. That’s lofty praise. Murray’s skills are the major reason why he is the buzz of the 2019 NFL Draft and why top level NFL offensive head coaches like Sean Payton and Jon Gruden are gushing over Murray’s uniqueness.

In Kyler Murray the Cardinals are getting the arm talent of Drew Brees with the quick feet of Barry Sanders all in one tidy 5’10” package.

The main argument in opposition to the Cardinals drafting Kyler Murray is that they would be passing up on the best player in the draft in Ohio St. DE Nick Bosa.

But, the problem with that argument is that a superb QB is more valuable than any other player on the football field. Great defensive ends can and do impact the game, no question. But, typically in good games they impact the game on 5-7 snaps.

The QB touches ball 75 times a game and getting the best possible efficiency from a QB for 75 snaps far outweighs the impact a defensive player can make for 5-7 plays.

I just hope that if the Cardinals are truly committed to drafting Kyler Murray that they don’t drag the mystery out for another 49 days.

Many in the media are saying how great and suspenseful it would be for the Cardinals to keep everyone waiting until they are on the clock.

What has to be a major concern for the organization is what this process is doing to QB Josh Rosen. In recent days, his Instagram portfolio has been hacked, his reputation is being scrutinized very heavily in the media (to the point of Kurt Warner predicting that all the Cardinals can get in a trade for Rosen is a 3rd rounder) and his jersey replicas have dropped $60 in price.

Dragging Rosen through the mud in this process is unconscionable. That’s what can happen when his own GM says that he is the QB “right now.”

Right now or certainly within the next 8-9 days, the Cardinals need to put their chips on the table.

Josh Rosen is still a talented passer and always will be.

For those of us who know what it is like to lose their jobs when our organizations made a change at the top, new management typically seeks to add their “own people” to the company. It is what it is.

The whole NFL world knows about the bond between Kingsbury and Murray. And anyone who has studied Kingsbury’s version of the Air Raid offense knows that Kyler Murray is an instant and more dynamic fit in the offense.

Therefore, all the Cardinals have to do is talk up the positives of matching Kingsbury with Murray, while at the same continue to talk up the positives in Josh Rosen, either to keep him to compete with Murray for the starting job, or to trade him.

There are pluses to keeping Rosen. His base salary for the next three year is actually less than the average base salary for the top backup QBs in the NFL. Having two talented young QBs is a safeguard against injuries or slumps. And having two talented QBs on the same roster is like buying a house instead of renting—-the team is gaining equity—-and can profit nicely from that equity down the road.

There are pluses for trading Rosen if the Cardinals can get solid value in return. This is a perfect year to have a young QB with trade value, as there are only two 1st round caliber QBs in the upcoming draft.

One could argue that Rosen would be better off playing in a more traditional West Coast type of offense. Any team that trades for him would be getting him at a bargain salary.

The Cardinals’ approach this off-season has been refreshingly decisive and creative.

But dragging this situation out for the next 49 days would be akin to running the ball 3 times right up the middle versus a stacked box after having passed its way in the into the red zone via the hurry-up in a game where they need a TD to win.

Thank you Andy for the title of this thread. For those of you who are still irate at the Cardinals’ interest in Kyler Murray, take a closer look at why the Cardinals are so high on Murray, Ryan Clark believes Murray is a mini Mahomes. Hear him out!