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2019 Mock Draft Database is back and the Arizona Cardinals are still drafting Nick Bosa according to the consensus

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, after the NFL Combine, SB Nation begins to aggregate all of the mock drafts from around the world and put them into a handy dandy little chart.

So, as that is occurring, we here at Revenge of the Birds will take that chart and follow along. It will allow us to see how the ebbs and flows of the 2019 NFL Draft season change and what the thoughts of those within the community are and how they change.

The first consensus pick is not a surprise, in fact it would have been an upset until this last week, but it will be interesting to monitor how this changes over the next several weeks.

If you want to see the whole first round, check out the 2019 Mock Draft Database, but here are the Cardinals top three from the consensus:

  1. Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State - 55%
  2. Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma - 27%
  3. Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama - 15%

That is a cool 97%, with three percent of the population finding another worthy option at one.

The Cardinals own employees have basically said these are the options if they are to stay at one.

There are 51 days until the 2019 NFL Draft... So, how these change will be quite interesting to follow.