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Drafting Kyler Murray would be a BIG mistake

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors continue to spread that the Arizona Cardinals will select Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in the 2019 draft.

Although Murray is considered to be the most-talented quarterback prospect in the draft, there are some downsides to his profile.

Beyond his athletic traits and his numbers, he was a full-time starter for only one season as a Sooner.

In his freshman year at Texas A&M, his performance wasn’t exactly the greatest. He threw for 686 yards, five touchdown passes, but also had seven passes intercepted.

At Oklahoma, he was surrounded by NFL-caliber talent. He benefited from having weapons such as Marquise Brown and Rodney Anderson. He was also protected by Cody Ford and Bobby Evans.

His play closely resembles Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson but his limited experience as a full-time starter should be noted. His athleticism is a big plus but we’ve seen some dual-threat quarterbacks struggle in the NFL.

Last year, the Cardinals traded up to the tenth overall pick to select UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen.

It would be a huge mistake for the Cardinals organization as a whole to give up on their current quarterback of the future so early. Considering Rosen was poorly protected and the lack of talent surrounding him, no quarterback could have thrived for the Cardinals last season.

Now, what throws can Kyler Murray make that Josh Rosen can’t?

Just because Kliff Kingsbury recruited Murray when he was the head coach at Texas Tech doesn’t make the Oklahoma product a better fit for the Cardinals than Rosen.

Rosen has demonstrated his poise in the pocket and has made some incredible throws in tight windows in his rookie season. He has a strong arm, great size, and thrived in play-action calls.

He struggled a lot as a rookie but his bright spots should not be forgotten.

The Cardinals must show some commitment to either their coaches or their players. They gave up on Steve Wilks, firing him after only one season as a head coach. They cannot do the same with Rosen.