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Todd McShay Mock Draft 3.0 has some reservations about the Kyler Murray story, but still mocks the QB to Arizona

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2019 NFL Combine in the rearview mirror, the football world is trying to process what in the heck just happened.

That’s usually when the swings in Mock Drafts begin, because you are getting more information than ever, so you begin to try and formulate an idea of how the NFL Draft will play out.

That is what is happening with the first releases of the post NFL Combine mock drafts.

Daniel Jeremiah had the Arizona Cardinals taking Kyler Murray because that is what the entire Combine was buzzing about.

Now, in Todd McShay’s newest mock draft, he also has the Arizona Cardinals taking the Oklahoma signal caller, but McShay is not quite as convinced yet.

1. Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

We can’t deny the rumblings here, and we know new coach Kliff Kingsbury recruited Murray in college. I’m not all-in on Arizona taking him just yet, though -- the Cards could be trying generate trade interest among the QB-needy teams. Still, the just-tall-enough Murray is a perfect fit to help Kingsbury transition the Air Raid offense to the NFL, and this pick makes sense from a scheme standpoint with all Murray’s athleticism. Now, what could the Cardinals get for Josh Rosen?

That is where this is at. The Cardinals are either trying to drive the price up on the first pick or they are trying to see what they can get for Josh Rosen.

Now, there is absolutely a scenario where they stay at one and don’t take Murray. If they cannot get a return on Rosen they deem as quality, or for the first pick, then the Cardinals can stand pat and take the best player in the draft, Nick Bosa.

Until then, for the next seven weeks, the speculation will continue to mount.