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Grading the Arizona Cardinals needs heading into free agency

The Arizona Cardinals need help all over, where do they go and how do they spend their money?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals- Kliff Kingsbury Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the first pick in each round of the 2019 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardinals have plenty of chances to address their bevy of roster needs.

They also go into free agency with a roster ripe to filled with a group of talented free agents.

The biggest issue now for the Arizona Cardinals is they are a bit cash strapped.

After signing Robert Alford, Brooks Reed and Charles Clay the Cardinals sit with just over $37.5 million in cap space.

They can make more room and likely will with cuts, but for now, they are not exactly flush.

Let’s take a look at each position group and move through with ranking where the needs are on a scale of 1 (little to no need) to 5 (the offensive line).

Quarterback - Umm... No comment.

Running Back - 2

With little to know knowledge of what Kliff Kingsbury will do offensively, we can lean on his college film to know what he needs from his running backs. He has two that fit in David Johnson and Chase Edmonds. T.J. Logan and D.J. Foster also looks like they makes sense. This feels like as complete a room as possible heading into free agency, the draft may be another story.

Wide Receiver - 4

Two as in, the Cardinals only have two viable receivers on their roster, so adding more is a necessity at this juncture. They should add at least one contributing veteran, like an Adam Humphries or even a Tavon Austin. They have to get something from a wide receiver in free agency at this point.

Tight End - 3

Through free agency, they probably don’t need anything. They have added Charles Clay, he should be the veteran. Now the draft, that is a different animal.

Offensive Line - 5

They need at least one free agent that can contribute. Is it a right guard so Justin Pugh can move back to left guard? Is a left guard and Pugh can kick out to right tackle? They have to add at least one starter, because they need at least two. One in free agency and one in the draft would be ideal.

Defensive Line - 5

I like Corey Peters... He is also the only thing they have along the defensive line at this point. As I said yesterday, this is the perfect time to do something in free agency with a loaded free agent class.

Off Ball Linebackers - 5

Much like defensive line, they have Haason Reddick at linebacker, that is it. This is a priority to me. You can add two defensive linemen and one off ball linebacker in free agency and fix the defense.

Edge - 3

I mean, I don’t want Brooks Reed to be the starter, but any time Chandler Jones is half the unit, you have to be okay with it. They could use another veteran, can Benson Mayowa play in a 34? What about an older type like Cam Wake?

Cornerback - 2.5

They need either a boundary corner to let Alford play the slot or a slot corner to keep Alford at boundary. They need at least one, probably two, but that may be in the draft and in training camp.

Safety - 1

Oh sure, they need a backup, but this is the one roster position you feel good about heading into free agency.

The priority?

Offensive Line - at least one
Defensive Line - at least two
OB LB - at least one
WR - at leat one
CB - At least one
Edge - Maybe a veteran

Next, we look at each group and how that could play out in free agency.