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Broncos trading Case Keenum to Redskins as two potential trade partners for Arizona Cardinals make deal

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Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation seems mostly set and the idea of them maneuvering is one that has consumed the offseason conversation.

One of the reasons is because of the hiring of Kliff Kingsbury.

Many have hypothesized what or who Kingsbury wants as his quarterback, but what we have known is that there are plenty of opinions out there.

One such opinion was the Cardinals would pursue Case Keenum if he became available.

When the Denver Broncos traded for Joe Flacco, it meant that their splash offseason signing of 2018 Case Keenum would likely be available at some point either via free agency or trade.

The other speculation has been what NFL team would be most interested in Josh Rosen if the Arizona Cardinals would look to move Rosen. One name that has been consistently coming up was that of the Washington Redskins.

Well, after today it seems unlikely that Case Keenum will be an Arizona Cardinal in 2019 and that the Skins would be trading for Josh Rosen.

Today, the Broncos and Redskins agreed to the parameters of a trade that will have Case Keenum heading to the Redskins in exchange for a seventh round pick.

As my podcast co-host responded to the news, I wish it was the Cardinals trading their seventh round picks for Keenum.

This could put a damper on any Rosen to Washington speculation. It could put a damper on any Skins trading up to one for Kyler Murray speculation, as Jay Gruden was said to like Murray (also it is 100% likely that Gruden was the one who leaked all the negatives on Murray at the combine as he and Casserly have a relationship).

That is one less potential option for the Arizona Cardinals in whatever it is they want to do in the 2019 offseason.