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Arizona Cardinals move for Marcus Gilbert could pay off big time

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

On Friday the Arizona Cardinals made a move for a potential starter and game changer at right tackle in Marcus Gilbert.

In Gilbert they are getting one of the best pass blocking right tackles in the NFL. He has been a top tier pass blocker the last several years, but there is a problem.

Gilbert has only played in 12 games the last two seasons combined.

In 2017 Gilbert played in seven games, missing five with a hamstring injury and then being suspended for four games thanks to performance enhancing drugs.

In 2018, Gilbert was limited to five games during to a knee injury.

Yet, in those 12 games, Gilbert was good in pass protection. He allowed three sacks and only had three penalties in his 12 games played.

It’s quite a departure from the offensive line signings during the Steve Keim era. Keim has usually been getting players that were strong in the run game and struggled in pass pro.

Gilbert is the opposite in that regard, but he does have one thing that Steve Keim loves… an injury history.

Whether or not Gilbert can stay healthy, it doesn’t matter.

He likely will be better than any potential sixth round pick the Cardinals could come up with in this draft and if healthy he’ll definitely start, unlike any of the potential day three picks the Arizona Cardinals may have in this draft.