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Antonio Brown rebuffs Bills, as Arizona Cardinals made smart move to avoid the fracas

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In an offseason of crazy, there may be nothing more insane than the Antonio Brown saga with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Arizona Cardinals were allegedly in on Brown, before they weren’t and likely for good reason. You see on Thursday night it came out that the Buffalo Bills were trading for Brown.

That lasted about 12 whole hours.

Early Friday morning, Steelers beat writer Gerry Dulac reported the deal fell apart because Brown had “nixed” it.

You see, this whole circus is because Brown wants to dictate where he ends up. And with the Cardinals backing out, it’s likely because they feel like, or maybe even know that Brown won’t be on board with an end of the career venture to the desert.

So, the Cardinals, whether truly in or not, made the best decision for the organization and are out on Brown.

Brown is a complete game changer, I knew he could be an issue but I didn’t see this type of thing happening.

With the state of the Cardinals, they probably would not be the type of team that would make Brown happy and in turn, they could end up like the Bills.

So, cut it off at the pass and don’t even let it be a thing. That’s management 101.

Good work, Steve Keim.