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Masters Mock 2019

The Masters - Round One Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For the past five years on the eve of the trip across Ray’s Creek and Amen Corner, I have been writing up a Masters Mock for the Cardinals and while it is primarily intended for amusement, I try to make it as legit as possible.

1. Kyler “Bill” Murray, QB, Oklahoma. ”Here we are at Augusta, who wouldda believed this Cinderella Story, this one time centerfielder would come out of nowhere and in the lead at Augusta.”

Trade: The Cardinals send the #33 pick to the Jaguars for their #38 and #98 picks.

38. (from Jaguars) Andy “North” Isabella, WR, UMass.

65. Bobby “Jones” Evans, T, Oklahoma.

98. (from Jaguars) Anthony “Byron” Nelson, DE, Iowa.

104. Greg “Norman” Gaines, DT, Washington.

139. Gary “Player” Jennings, WR, West Virginia.

174. Ben “Hogan” Powers, G, Oklahoma.

179. Rodney “Peete” Anderson, RB, Oklahoma.

248. Dax Raymond “Floyd”, TE, Utah St.

249. Sam “Snead” Mustipher, C, Notre Dame.

254. Chris “Dustin” Johnson, S, North Alabama.

Any eagles or birdies on this card?