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As Arizona Cardinals enter second rebuild in as many years, a brief look back explains why

NFL: Arizona Cardinals- Kliff Kingsbury Press Conference The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

For the Arizona Cardinals, the offseason is a chance to restructure for the second time in as many years.

The question becomes how do they do the rebuild?

For many, the mantra has simply been, “In Keim we Trust”.

After a down season, few see the reason to bail and in fact many have leaned into the mantra even more.

That’s why if you dig into the Arizona Cardinals over the last three seasons, you’ll see the crux of the issues like at the feet of one Steve Keim.

Over the last three seasons, no one has gotten less out of their draft picks than the Arizona Cardinals.

In fact, the last three draft coincides well with the decline of the Cardinals as a contender and much of that can be put on the fact that they haven’t been able to get much out of their draft picks.

It’s also why there are people, who despite hesitation to move on from Josh Rosen, can see why drafting Kyler Murray makes sense.

It would be an obvious departure from Keim time drafting and gives you an impression that Kliff Kingsbury has a loud and important voice in the room.

While ceding power to a first time coach, who has a losing record in college, seems like a bad idea, how far forward can you continue to go with the status quo?

That’s the interesting part of the dynamic moving forward for the Arizona Cardinals and what should get much more discussion in the draft day debate.

Alas, maybe it’s just a matter of perspective.