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Quinnen Williams unlikely to be available at pick three according to Ian Rapoport

Alabama v LSU Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

If the Arizona Cardinals were to stay at one and not pick Kyler Murray, something that we have talked about quite a bit, it seems like the consensus is the pick would be Nick Bosa.

However, the other player that could find his name called first is Quinnen Williams.

The dream scenario for the Cardinals and their fans seems to be trading down to four and nabbing Williams while getting another first rounder this year and one next year from the Raiders.

However, it seems more and more likely that Williams may not even be available at four and Ian Rapoport said as much today:

I would be surprised if he is there even for, let’s say, the Jets at three. It’s possible, but it would be a little surprising. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who believe he is the top player in the draft regardless of position. Just talking to teams, asking them who’s number 1 on your board if need was not a factor. Quinnen Williams is No. 1 on several teams I’ve spoken with just on how dynamic he is. Now, there’s differentiation between positions, maybe you might need a pass rusher like Bosa more than a defensive tackle who can be double-teamed, but Quinnen WIlliams is a top-talent and no doubt right now, he is going to be at the very least, a top-five selection.

That means that the Arizona Cardinals are either taking Williams at one, or the San Francisco 49ers are taking Williams at two or trading down with a team that wants Williams at two.

I’ve heard from people that Williams could be the top non-Murray player on the board for the Cardinals. If that is so and the Cardinals cannot get something for Josh Rosen, then they have a decision to make.

Do they give up their top ranked position player or do they buck tradition, take a defensive lineman at one and move forward knowing they got their guy?