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Brett Kollmann on Kingsbury, Rosen and Murray

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Widely respected YouTube football video analyst Brett Kollmann recently released a compelling Kingsbury/Rosen/Murray analysis and arrived at the conclusion that---in 3 years---either one of the QBs could “maximize the success” of Kingsbury’s offense. In this manner, Kollmann’s video is of great value to all of us Cardinals’ fans regardless of what side of the Rosen/Murray debate you currently stand.

I had the opportunity to speak with Brett yesterday and the first thing i asked him is whether someone helps him with the production of his highly popular and well crafted videos and he said that he produces the videos all on his own. Kudos, man. Seriously! With regard to this video, Brett said that it was the longest video has has ever produced and that it took him over 110 hours to create over the course of two weeks. The professional quality of this video is very impressive and I hope you have the time to savor all 26 minutes of it.

One of the most salient aspects of Kollmann’s video is his analysis of the “Mesh Play”---a staple of Air Raid offenses, where the two slot WRs crisscross over the middle, which versus man coverage usually shakes one of the WRs free. But, Kollmann does a superb job of showing how Kingsbury and Air Raid coaches give their receivers and QBs the freedom to take what the defense gives them.

With the Mesh Play, most defenses counter by playing 4-5 man “under” zones---and if the WRs and QB see the shift to zone the WRs start running toward the crisscross and then beat the zone up the field vertically. These are double option adjustments that nuanced NFL offenses like the Pats’ and the Saints’ frequently make---and it takes superb communication and anticipation between the WRs and the QB to make it work. This is a perfect example of why practice and game reps are so significant.

During my conversation with Brett, I asked him a number of questions. Here are some of Brett’s answers:

* While some people have already written off Kliff Kingsbury’s chances to be a successful head coach and play caller, Brett believes that the NFL is going to struggle defending his offense, no matter who the QB is.

* When asked what he would do in the 2019 NFL Draft, if he were the Cardinals’ GM, he said that he would draft DT Quinnen Williams at #1, because he feels as if Williams would give the Cardinals an Aaron Donald-like presence in their defense which would more than make up for the slight differences in offensive production that Kyler Murray would bring.

* When asked about Josh Rosen’s strengths and weaknesses, Brett said that Josh has a good arm, he reads defenses well, shifts his feet in the pocket effectively and can throw dimes on deep passes. Where Josh gets into trouble, as Brett put it, is in trying to be too aggressive with his first reads which are often the deep options (aka Hero Ball). As a result, Josh doesn’t check down quickly enough and that is why some of his shorter passes are so errant. Brett also said that Josh needs to keep maturing in the way he handles the media.

* When asked about the importance of putting touch on a variety of passes, Brett lauded Kyler Murray in that regard and harkened back to how Mike Leach (Air Raid---Washington St.) has his QBs practice fade passes over and over with the notion that “if you think you are putting enough fade on the ball, then you’re not.” In other words, the best fade passes are ones where the ball drops vertically, practically straight down.

* Brett said that it is no coincidence that some of the best passers in football today were former highly successful baseball players---like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Kyler Murray.

* While sharing my belief that Kyler Murray’s familiarity with running an Air Raid offense and his uncanny patience, accuracy, touch and escapability give him a strong edge over other potential Air Raid QBs, Brett feels that Josh Rosen should respond well to Kliiff Kingsbury’s coaching by getting Josh to maximize his own strengths. (This is right in line with what so many of you have been saying).

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I want to thank Brett for taking the time to talk with Revenge of the Birds, and would like to applaud him for the outstanding quality of his work.

if you have any questions or comments for Brett, I can relay them to him and get back to you.