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Takeaways from Cardinals Flight Plan Episode 5

What did we learn from the opening OTA’s in the latest episode of Flight Plan? What rapper does DJ Swearinger like and who was that prospect they were scouting?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This newest addition to the Cardinals’ offseason videos was a solid one, with a good look at the team and their preparation process for the draft and the season.

Here’s what we learned from the latest episode of Cards Flight Plan:

#1. Josh Rosen was featured running & working out with the team

Let’s get that over with. Rosen wasn’t left out of the video and was a focal point at parts even though he didn’t speak. For all those wondering if he would be avoided, it wasn’t the case at all.

#2. Wilks “Trust Commitment and Accountability” mural was replaced with a new mural at the beginning of the episode

Showing how quickly teams’ identity moves on and changes, but that mural’s had three different designs in the last three years. True identity is built to last, here’s hoping it will.

#3. D.J. Swearinger is a fan of DaBaby

Not a surprise that Swearinger would like a Carolina rapper given that he attended school at the University of South Carolina, eh?

D.J Swearinger said felt like a kid coming back to his first day of school rejoining the Cardinals and spoke about being a changed and different player. While he was cut from his previous team for disparaging comments about their leadership, if he can show a bit more maturity than he had in his first stint he’ll be a leader for the team

#4. Kliff’s first NFL Schedule

Kingsbury’s just a rookie head coach in both his title AND in the NFL. Bidwill took time to break it down with him (interestingly Keim was absent at the time) but it was a reminder of how green the new Cardinals coach really is

#5. Cardinals getting a little...Greedy?

One of the prospect reports about a player the Cardinals were scouting was read aloud with some of the following comments:

“Sticky, eliminates opponent, quick to get head around, needs to get stronger more physical and pro bowl corner, a teams #1 corner, his straight line is excellent, drops weight and stops as the route breaks”

Hmmm...when you add is up and look at a non-physical corner who’s projected to be a pro-bowler that fits LSU’s Greedy Williams to a tee.

Does that mean Arizona acquires him? Perhaps, perhaps not. Last year Steve Wilks was likely watching film on Colorado CB Isaiah Oliver and he was never taken by the team, but the LSU connection and some mock drafts have had him going anywhere from the top 10 to the top of the 2nd round.

6. “Guys there’s going to be a trade...”

What a teaser! Is it too much to read into that the Cardinals finished their video with the words from last year in which they selected Josh Rosen in the 2018 draft?

Could they be....hinting at something? Or is it just replaying a key moment from last year as a teaser?

We won’t have to wait long to find out.