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Arizona Cardinals backing off Kyler Murray with the first pick, per report

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kliff Kingsbury - Press Conference Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The smoke for the 2019 NFL Draft is thicker than ever.

The latest report from Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is also one of the most damning I can remember, although I do not think it is a true reflection of what is going on:

“Initially, the ownership pushed for Kyler Murray, that much I know, I was told that. The reason they did is they are having a hard time selling tickets. Well, they put it out there. Arizona was lukewarm to it. So now, all of a sudden, they are pulling back and from what I’ve been told, they are going to go in a different direction. They are not going to draft Kyler Murray.”

If this is accurate it is not a good look. While fans are important, they're also fickle. They'll bend and sway depending on the way of the wind blowing.

If your grade dictates taking Kyler Murray... Take Kyler Murray.

Being afraid of the fans reaction is silly.

Now, based on one thing I've heard there is another possibility that makes a bit more sense.

There is a rumor that Steve Keim, not ownership, is push for the Cardinals to keep Rosen and take another player at one since the Cardinals have not been offered a first in exchange for Rosen.

This would make sense. Keim values Rosen, he tends to hold onto his first round picks until they prove him wrong.

It's not a bad move for Keim to over value Rosen, in fact it makes sense, he should value his 2018 first round pick more than others seem to.

So, if that is accurate, I understand and even agree.

If the team is bending to the will of the fans, I cannot agree any less.