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Miami Dolphins doing extensive work on Josh Rosen per report

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are days away from making a franchise altering decision.

It literally doesn’t matter what the decision is, it will alter the course of the franchise for the next two to three years if it’s the wrong one and set you up for a decade if you make the right one.

What that decision is remains to be seen, however there is a new interesting report out of Miami that the Dolphins have done significant research on Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen.

The problem becomes, at least for Cardinals fans if this report is anything more than a report, that the discussion about what the Dolphins could offer for Rosen is a third round pick.

Which seems unlikely to be something the Cardinals would be willing to take, which is the correct answer by the way.

Now, if the Dolphins came to the table offering their second round pick, which is 48, and maybe a future 2020 pick that could be the type of offer to get the Cardinals to the table.

While the Cardinals may want a first round pick, it seems unlikely that they’ll get that, but a second and an additional pick could be the right price that allows the Cardinals to make the move to Kyler Murray… If that is truly where they want to go.