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Arizona Cardinals knew it was Kyler Murray

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It took time, the Arizona Cardinals liked seeing the Redbird logo on the screen for all ten minutes.

Yet, for two months, there didn’t seem to be much doubt on who the team was taking.

Kyler Murray was the man.

Last week, I asked two contacts what the Cardinals were going to do, it was simply answered… “It’s been Kyler.”

Over the last month I have tried to drop small hints, to begin to let people know this is what I was hearing was going to happen, even if I admittedly was struggling with the idea of it.

It’s not that I was invested in Josh Rosen and didn’t want it, it’s just it was so outlandish, so hard to see Steve Keim make this move.

Murray is one of the most dynamic players who has ever stepped on a football field. It can’t be disputed.

Yet, the question of what the Cardinals needed seemed to be too great for a chance on another quarterback.

However, the reality of football is this, if your quarterback isn’t an elevator, then your team won’t matter until you build up the rest of the team.

Steve Palazzolo said it well:

Thoughts on finding QB:

1. Missing on a QB is not that big of a deal.

2. Teams that do not have a top 8-10 QB should always be in QB market. Keep looking.

^That obviously includes teams who have drafted young QB over last few years.

Don’t be afraid to offend your mid-tier QB.

That is where many within the Cardinals organization were. Not that Rosen was bad, but that he was not a top 10 NFL quarterback.

The fastest way to relevance is through the quarterback.

The Cardinals are taking a chance on Murray, but the grade they had and the belief Kliff Kingsbury has in the quarterback should be enough to make fans excited.

Finally, I think this needs to be said because I’ve seen a number of awful takes.

Kyler Murray had nothing to do with this pick other than being a great player. He didn’t force the Cardinals to make a pick. The hate that has been focused on a 21 year old kid is a joke.

More than anything, that’s what makes this pick great.