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Josh Rosen trade rumors tracker and updates

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are doing something.

What that is no one really knows, but it may or may not involve their 2018 first round pick Josh Rosen.

There are copious amounts of rumors on Rosen out there, yet there are not many that show exactly what the Cardinals will do.

That’s because no one knows what is going to happen.

However, knowing is relative:

You see, this is the disinformation season, this is the time of year where everyone has a source and no one knows what the reality is.

Let’s get into the rumors revolving around Josh Rosen.

NFL trade rumors: Giants to pursue Josh Rosen blockbuster deal with Arizona Cardinals? Why it makes sense (UPDATE) -
Reports have surfaced that the New York Giants are interested in Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen.

The Giants are a team to keep an eye on. They have three picks in the top 40, meaning they have the ammunition to make the move if they want to.d

NFL trade rumors: 3 reasons Giants must deal for Cardinals’ Josh Rosen -
The New York Giants need to find a way to trade for Arizona Cardinals second-year quarterback Josh Rosen.

The weird thing with the Giants is they are being tied to taking a Dwayne Haskins at six or Daniel Jones at six or 17... Yet they don’t know if they want to give up 37 for Rosen? Seems like... something.

NFL trade rumors: Cardinals haven’t set deadline to move Josh Rosen | NFL | Sporting News

I’ve heard this rumor before... Someone check the ROTB archives. I don’t believe it, but I have heard it.

Sources: Giants committed to keeping Eli in 2019
Eli Manning, scheduled to earn an $11.5 million salary, a $500,000 workout bonus and a $5 million roster bonus if he is still on the roster at 4 p.m. ET this Saturday, won't be released by the Giants, sources said.

Here is the rub on why I could see Rosen not being worth a “first” to the Giants... If they are serious about keeping Eli for 2019 and possibly 2020... Rosen isn’t worth much since he’ll be only starting as soon as 2021. That would be the last year of Rosen’s rookie deal, meaning he loses value. Where Haskins or Jones, see above, would be on their rookie deal for an additional two years.

What can the Cardinals get for Josh Rosen? Depends whom you ask - NFL Nation- ESPN
Teams are reportedly making offers to Arizona for the 2018 first-round pick. However, the Cardinals might not get the value they want from a trade.

The reports are coming out now that a two is being offered. Either the Cardinals want more, likely, or they haven’t been offered a two they deem worthy, also likely.

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The thing about Rosen’s work in 2018 is... It’s either something you completely disregard or something that makes you not want to spend a first round pick on him.

Could Any of These Five Teams Trade for Josh Rosen? - The Ringer
With the Arizona Cardinals reportedly interested in taking Kyler Murray no. 1, let’s assess which teams could make a move for Rosen and what they’d have to give up for the 2018 first-rounder

Could the Cardinals really move Rosen for what those prices in the article state? Never mind, don’t read it.