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Cardinals should not feel obligated to give up on Rosen, but should not be afraid to either

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals face a decision this month that could alter the course of the franchise for years to come. Reports have been flying for what seems like a lifetime about the future of the quarterback position for a franchise that has not had a true, long term, young signal caller in the fold since.... well, ever.

In one corner stands Josh Rosen, the young UCLA product that GM Steve Keim traded up to go get last season. The 10th overall pick didn’t take long to see the field and while he wasn’t stellar by any means, he did show flashes of being a guy the Cardinals can ride for a long time.

In the other corner is Kyler Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma. Murray is an undersized albeit supreme athlete, and a guy that new Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury has raved about in interviews. Kingsbury even went as far as to say Murray is the best dual threat quarterback he has ever seen.

Being that the Cardinals have the #1 overall pick, many reports suggest that Murray will in fact be their guy and that they will look to trade Rosen. There are also reports stating that the Cardinals have not made Rosen available in trade talks yet. So what is to be believed?

Rosen would likely fit well into Kingsbury’s new pass-heavy air raid scheme, but many have suggested that the prevailing thought with Murray is simply that he would be a better fit. If that’s the case, then the Cardinals have to take Murray, no questions asked. Generational quarterbacks that can lift teams to new heights are just that — they’re generational. Just because you have a young guy in tow that you like, that does not mean that you pass on a quarterback that you like even more, especially when your team has the first overall pick and may never get an opportunity like this again.

But if the Cardinals brass still feels strongly about Rosen, despite what some of the rumors are saying, they should not be afraid to hold on to him and take a stud defensive player at #1 or explore options to trade down. It’s hard to even make a true judgment on how good Rosen is given the lack of a true supporting cast he had to work with in his rookie campaign.

This all has presented itself as a truly unique and extremely compelling dynamic storyline. Having the #1 pick in hand almost always leaves fans to believe that a new young quarterback will be on the way, simply because quarterbacks are often the biggest dictators of success or failure due to the position they play. But what is one supposed to think when your team already has that young guy, but no one is sure if that young guy is any good or not? What if a new guy could change the team’s fortunes forever?

That is exactly the dilemma the Cardinals find themselves stuck in. I guess it’s better to have two difficult options presented to your team like this though. After all, Cardinals fans know plenty well what it looks like to have no quarterback options at all.