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2019 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals get Kyler Murray to start the Kliff Kingsbury era

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The 13th annual SB Nation blogger Mock Draft is up and running and the first pick is in.

I know that this is not what fans want, I am not sure I am completely on board with the idea at this juncture, but it is what I believe will happen come April 25, 2019 when the Arizona Cardinals open the 2019 NFL Draft.

1. Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Cox: There is no question this will be one of the most controversial picks among fans in a long time. However, the teardown of the 2018 season would be completed if this is the way the Cardinals go. Murray offers a tantalizing package of skills that could foster a new offensive revolution in Arizona, and along with Kliff Kingsbury as head coach, the hope is this one will last longer than the Kurt Warner or Carson Palmer eras.

Analysis: Heck, all it has to do is last longer than the brief Rosen tenure. With Murray, the Cardinals are finding their franchise quarterback for the second time in as many years. That would not be such a shock if Keim weren’t around. But he is, making his 2018 trade up for Rosen a self-indictment on his own ability as a talent evaluator. Keim is essentially throwing away most of his 2018 draft to take another quarterback. If it doesn’t work out with Murray, Keim will be looking for a new job before long.

When you compare and contrast the Kyler Murray versus Josh Rosen prospects, you see that Murray is the better player.

The question is always, does Murray translate more than Rosen?

The fun thing is I don’t have to be the one to make that call. I can just sit back and enjoy whatever the outcome is.

If Murray is the pick, I’ll back him 100% from day one and hope he can do something no other Arizona Cardinals quarterback has ever done... Win a Super Bowl.

If the Cardinals decide to keep Rosen, ’ll back him 100% like I have from day one and hope he can do something no other Arizona Cardinals quarterback has ever done... Win a Super Bowl.

That’s the thing, I don’t care the route the Arizona Cardinals take, I’ve long stopped caring about that. Instead, I just care that they make it to the destination. However, they get there, let’s just hope its this century.