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Josh Rosen first in the building as Arizona Cardinals start offseason under Kliff Kingsbury

NCAA Football: Arizona Cardinals Rookie Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The hand wringing and speculation will continue, but all that matters to the Arizona Cardinals right now is that their quarterback is there.

On the first day of offseason workouts, under new Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury, Josh Rosen was in the building, and was the first person there with Kingsbury.

This is not a surprise. The Arizona Cardinals and Rosen are moving forward with the idea that Rosen is their quarterback.

In fact, Rosen is their quarterback until he is not.

Until that time comes, it would not make any sense for any party to act differently. This is the NFL, things change on a dime and that includes where you are playing.

However, you also have to be shutoff to the outside noise and focus on what you can control. That is what Rosen and the Cardinals are showing they are doing at this point of the proceedings.

Josh Rosen is the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback. After a horrendous first season, anything less than being at day one of offseason activities would be troublesome.

Rosen and Kingsbury know this. They are on the same page already and that is a good thing.

Unless you ask Blake Murphy: