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Arizona Cardinals can't afford to miss out on one of their blue chip players in 2019 NFL Draft

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The Arizona Cardinals are hosting Kyler Murray tomorrow for his official visit with the team.

It’ll be the third meeting overall between the Cardinals and the potential first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

It’s still unbeknownst to everyone what the Cardinals will do with the first pick, but we continue to see their interest really like with only three players.

For the Cardinals the bigger question is what can they get for Josh Rosen or the first overall pick.

The discrepancy seems huge between the two at this point.

The Raiders would allegedly be interested in moving up for two of their first round picks, while Rosen would only draw at this point a second round pick.

The question becomes, can the Cardinals take a trade down to four predraft or would it have to happen once the clock is rolling.

Obviously picking Murray at one for the Raiders is a risk in the same way trading down to four is a risk since you can’t guarantee that one of your three blue chip players, Murray, Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa, are available at four.

So, if you grade three players as blue chip, can you afford to miss out on all three?

That’s the question you have to ask.

If Rosen is only worth a two, and the fourth doesn’t guarantee you the blue chip player you covet, just take the best player, or maybe in the Cardinals case second best, on your board and move forward.

Of course, then what would we have to argue about?