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Arizona Cardinals fans more confident in the direction of the team after the 2019 NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kyler Murray Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Since the Arizona Cardinals relieved Steve Wilks of his duties following the final game of the 2018 NFL season, the question of the Arizona Cardinals identity has been asked.

Who are the Cardinals? Who do they want to be? Whose image will they build their team in?

With the hiring of Kliff Kingsbury and the moves made in free agency the Cardinals saw a direction begin to take shape.

When the Kyler Murray fever began to take, fans saw less of a direction and more of a wild swing of emotions in what the Cardinals would be doing in going from Josh Rosen to Kyler Murray.

Yet, it was inevitable and out of that the confidence of the fans has again risen.

After the season was over, fans were at a 15% confidence in the direction of the team.

Post free agency, it climbed to 61%.

The Murray vs Rosen conversation took it down to 53%, but when the fans realized just how good Murray is and what the Cardinals believe they have in Murray, it has again risen, this time to a 65% confidence in the direction of the team.

The thing is, the team has a direction, that is something to at least be confident in at this point.

Whether it becomes a successful direction is clearly the key, but fans see the vision and have hope again, which is important.