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PP21 on PEDs

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Man, too bad the Cardinals didn’t heed how “desperate” Patrick Peterson was to get traded by the trading deadline last year. Chances are the Cardinals could have been offered a handsome deal that involved at least one 1st round pick.

Now it seems like a miracle that CB Byron Murphy slid to pick #33., because today we know that the Cardinals knew at the draft that PP21 was going to be banned for PED use.

Now we also know why the Cardinals and Chiefs didn’t make a deal during the draft for Peterson. Rumor had it that the Chiefs were offering their #61 and #63 (2nd round picks)---which means, by picking up the #62 pick for Josh Rosen, the Cardinals could have had picks #61, #62, #63 and #65.

But now it is clear why the Cardinals would have had to defer any trade talks for Peterson.

Hats off to Gambo today for breaking the news that Peterson’s Instagram tantrum a few days before the draft, where in he bashed the Cardinals for being “snakes in the grass,” was in being denied in his feeble and futile attempt to put the onus of his $3.88M of lost wages on the Cardinals instead of on himself. Peterson then had the gall to say he sees where the Cardinals “STAND.”

Yeah---those snaky Cardinals didn’t want to reward Peterson with a new contract in order watch him SIT.

But now that the Cardinals didn’t dig their fangs into Peterson’s new contract requests, the Cardinals have to continue to be smart about how they treat this suspension.

For one---Peterson should not be getting starter’s reps in practice, assuming he decides at some point to show up.

For two---if he plays in the pre-season games, it shouldn’t be as a starter. It would be wise to sit him out of the pre-season games altogether.

For three (which goes without saying)---he should be stripped of his captaincy.

For four---when he returns, he should have to earn his way back as a starter---and maybe, just maybe that would be a good time to remind Peterson of all of the CB job requirements.

For five---seeing as Peterson will be returning right before the trading deadline, the Cardinals should actively shop him to see what teams will offer. The Cardinals might still get a reasonable package from a contender that is weak at CB.

What should be very interesting about the Cardinals playing without Patrick Peterson for 6 weeks is just how well the defense will respond to his absence. There is a chance that being free from the diva who expects all his teammates to do the dirty work so that he can play in a red or black QB practice vest, will show Cardinals’ fans just how good a defense can be when all 11 players are held to the same standards---when all 11 players are balling through the whistle like Chandler Jones, T-Sizzle, Budda Baker and D.J. Swearinger.

If the defense is on a roll when Peterson returns, then Cardinals may have an added incentive to honor his October trade request this time around.

The biting irony of all this is that Patrick Peterson is only 28 years old and he naturally possesses every supreme physical attribute a CB could ever want. If he wanted to get stronger---why not do it in the weight room as those who abide by the NFL’s rules do?

Hearing that he would have 6 extra weeks in September and October to play golf, Peterson was irate to learn that he Cardinals were not eager to pay for his green fees.