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Peterson Standing Pat

PGA: Waste Management Phoenix Open The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Patrick Peterson said that he has known about the PED suspension “for months.”

Hmmm...could that mean that when he grabbed the microphone on the 16th hole and offered his apology for asking for trade and assuring the fans that “I am here to stay, baby,” he knew then that there is no way the Cardinals could trade him, at least for now?

Everything that Patrick Peterson does on and off the field is meticulously calculated.

Is it purely coincidence that all of the drama initiated by Peterson has occurred over the past 6-7 months, just as he heads into the first year where he no longer is collecting on his signing bonus?

The number one thing that Patrick Peterson is focused on right now is the big pay day he is expecting will come his way in the next year or two. That’s why he was taking PEDs and a masking agent. He wants to be at the top of his game when he gets that fat 3rd contract.

One could imagine that his worst fear is having to play out the last two years of his contract with the Cardinals---which no longer includes any guaranteed money vis-a-vis his signing bonus---only to have the Cardinals f-tag him in 2021.

John Gambadoro broke the news that Peterson was outraged when the Cardinals wouldn’t restructure his contract so that he could recover at least half or more of the $4M he is due to lose during his suspension. How is this dubious request and his outrage an act of contrition for the damage he is causing the Cardinals and the transition of a new coaching staff?

What Gambo went on to claim was that Peterson does not want to add years to his existing contract because he wants to be the the headliner of 2021 free agent market.

So---Peterson’s plea for Steve Keim to restructure his existing contract so that Peterson didn’t have to bear the onus of a financial loss----was not even a quid pro quo.

This is how divas behave. When they act out or screw up, they still expect special treatment. After all, the diva is the star and the company should drop to their knees in reverent and obsequious compliance.

Peterson apologized to the Cardinals, the coaches and his teammates---yet---he explained why he won’t be around until mandatory mini camp. He needs to take his daughter to and from school, which, however, is never an issue for millions of Americans who drop their kids off at school and drive to work afterward. The voluntary OTA commitment to go work out with his teammates is a mere 3-4 hours a day.

Here’s the gist---if Peterson’s apology to the Cardinals, the coaches and his teammates was sincere, then he would get his butt over to the OTAs and be a loyal player and teammate. They are there doing the work, while he is not.

But, again, this is what divas do---they do things on their terms. They act like they are loyal to the team---but inevitably they are most loyal to their own desires.

Peterson said that things between him and the Cardinals “are great” and that he talked to Steve Keim recently. Well, listen to what ESPN’s beat writer for the Cardinals, Josh Weinfuss, had to say on the matter:

”Despite what Patrick Peterson said publicly today, I’ve been told that there’s still a deep fracture between him and the Cardinals stemming from what someone in the front office said to him in April. Those comments were linked to the situation surrounding his suspension.”

Again, if things are so great why is he continuing and prolonging his exile?

Peterson said that he is keeping in shape on his own and ”I’m looking forward to getting back Week 7. I’m going to continue to try to keep that smile on my face, and get back to being the best DB in the league.”

Peterson said this immediately after saying ,”I want to thank my family, my teammates, the coaching staff, the Arizona Cardinals community, and also the organization.” Yet---instead of saying how he looks forward to returning so that he can help the team---it’s for getting back to “being the best DB in the league.” apology laced with yet another ostentatious and narcissistic self-promotion.

The reality is that to be one of the best DBs in the NFL, you can’t just be a great man-to-man cover guy, you also have to be great in the ‘help” role on defense---because all team sport defenses are predicated on players moving quickly into help positions when plays break down. As a DB, the help responsibilities are tied to swarming to the ball, forcing the run, making tackles all over the field and chasing ball carriers down from the sides and from behind.

When Peterson describes himself as the best DB in the NFL, he is using a masking agent to disguise the fact that he is not very much of a team player---he is a stick to his man---and let the team do the rest---kind of player.

Because he’s the star, he believes he’s entitled to do that. And he believes the team should bail him out, time and time again, not only the field, but by acquiescing to his trade demands or for bailing him out financially on a contract restructure in the face of violating one of the most egregious and conspicuous of league rules.

As for being the “best DB in the league”...

The number one rated CB on PFF’s 2018 board is the PatriotsStephon Gilmore.

Gilmore’s grades: Overall: 90.7, Tackling: 80.7; Covering: 90.9

Peterson’s grades: Overall: 82.5; Tackling: 65.3; Covering: 83.7

Gilmore is 6-1, 190. Peterson is 6-1, 203. They are both 28. Peterson has the edge on the Combine numbers (except for the 20 yard shuttle):

40: PP 4.34 SG: 4.40...225 reps: PP: 15; SG: 15...VJ: PP: 38”; SG: 36”, BJ: PP: 126”; SG: 123”; 3C: PP: 6.58; SG: 6.61; 20YS: PP: 4.17; SG: 3.94; 60YS: PP: 11.01; SG: 11.15

And now that Peterson is claiming he’s not just the best CB, but the “best DB,” here are the PFF numbers for the top safety, Jamal Adams (Jets), who played 16 games and over 1,000 snaps last season:

Adams’ grades: Overall: 89.7; Tackling: 79.8; Covering: 89.6

Be honest with yourself---if the Patriots offered CB Stephon Gilmore or the Jets offered S Jamal Adams straight up for Patrick Peterson would you make the deal?

The sad thing is that by resorting to taking PEDs, this implies that underneath his mask, Peterson feels he needs a boost to help him gain an advantage on the field. If he were that confident in his own abilities, he wouldn’t risk his reputation and his career by being desperate enough to turn to performance enhancing drugs.

Dan Bickley wrote an article last night wherein he says he is standing by the player and man that Peterson is.

Yes, there is and will always be a lot to like about Patrick Peterson---he’s a devoted family man, an unbelievably talented football player, an upbeat personality and a highly regarded philanthropist in the community. Those are the main pillars of his his legacy.

But the saddest thing of all now is---as much as Dan Bickley and other Cardinals’ fans want to stand by the player and the man, Patrick Peterson is no longer standing by the Arizona Cardinals.

He’s had one foot out the door since last year---and now the second foot is on its way.