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Kyler Murray starts offseason workouts with... Donuts for the team

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWO

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

So, when offseason team workouts convened on Monday, new quarterback and first overall pick from the 2019 NFL Draft made sure he introduced and endeared himself early.

The donuts are a small gesture, but it is simple in its nature of creating a positive workplace amid what has been a volatile offseason.

The Arizona Cardinals need all of the players cohesive and coexisting, something that was sorely lacking in the Steve Wilks era… even if it was short lived.

They also need someone to galvanize this team and honestly, this fanbase.

The past 16 months, from the Bruce Arians retirement through the fallout of the Kyler Murray pick, has been one of the ugliest in a franchise that has been defined by ugly.

Now, they need someone to rise to the occasion and bring everyone together… they also need to bring more glazed donuts.