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Sporting News has Kliff Kingsbury at the bottom of the 2019 NFL Head Coach Rankings

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Rookie Minicamp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY N

Offseason rankings are really click fodder for writers and sites during the doldrums of the summer months in the NFL.

There’s little news, and even less worthy of discussion, so sites are tasked with creating content.

Most fallback on old reliable… rankings.

Little gets the fans more upset than rankings on the internet by a stranger.

That’s why when I saw Sporting News come out with their 2019 Head Coach Rankings, I was excited to see how low they had Kliff Kingsbury.

The Arizona Cardinals new head coach has no NFL experience and was fired in college, what does the internet pundit think?

They didn’t disappoint:

#32 Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals
Last year: N/A
Record: 0-0, .000|
Playoffs: 0-0, .000

This is the big experiment. Arizona grabbed Kingsbury from the college ranks and took another gamble with Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall in the draft. Offense has changed in the NFL, and Kingsbury is one of the brightest minds on that side of the ball at any level. Can the Cardinals play enough defense? We’ll start Kingsbury at the bottom and let him work his way up the rankings.

To see Kingsbury and the Cardinals experiment start at 32 makes sense.

He has nothing for these NFL guys to draw from and that makes him a complete wild card. And as big as most pundits talk, they’re not really willing to go out on a limb for these types of things.

So, now we wait to see if the Cardinals are right or if the pundits are not just afraid, but correct.