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Analysis of Keim’s 4 Murray Plays with Scott Bordow (The Athletic)

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This week, Steve Keim sat down with Scott Bordow of The Athletic to share his thoughts on 4 distinctive Kyler Murray plays. I will try to add some details and depth to their discussion.

Play 1: Vs. Alabama @ Orange Bowl

Formation: Twins (2 receivers) to both side, Shotgun Pistol (RB behind QB), left slot WR motions right.

Play: Fake run left, Deep Post to right side outside WR.

Result: Off play action left, Murray looks to back to his right, as a defender breaks through the line unblocked. Murray dekes the defender and slips past him to the right but keeps his eyes downfield and on the run throws a post TD dime to his WR (#2 CeeDee Lamb) over two Alabama defenders.

Key: Despite the play breaking down, neither the OL or the WR quit or slow down on the play.

Play 2: Vs. Baylor @ Oklahoma

Formation: Shotgun, balanced backfield (2 RBs flanking the QB)---twin right (TE in slot), X WR left.

Play: Fake run left, TE post pass.

Result: Off the play action Murray, checks middle to see if the FS is guarding the post, Murray shifts his head to the right as a decoy then comes back to the middle to throw a high back shoulder post pass TD to the TE (#80, Grant Calcaterra).

Key: Murray knew off his first check for the FS that the post pass was going to be there, but decoyed with a quick look to his right and then fired the back shoulder TD to the post.

Play 3: Vs. Army @ Army

Formation: Trips left (with TE in slot), X WR right, Shotgun, RB to left.

Play: Pass---likely designed as an isolation pass right to the X WR.

Result: The RDE over-commits wide on his pass rush, Murray sees the gate open to his right and bolts through it, makes an inside-out move on the LB, then splits two defenders and then beats the FS up the right sideline for a 33 yard TD.

Key: Murray does not hesitate when he sees the gate open and makes a full commitment to the run. showing quick moves in the open field, inside-out, straight burst and then a bolt up the sidelines.

Play 4: Vs. Texas Tech @ Texas Tech

Formation: Trips right (TE lined up one step back from RT’s outside leg), X WR left, Shotgun, RB to right).

Play: Fake run left, QB sprint right, corner pass to Big Slot WR right.

Result: After the play action left, Murray sprints right toward his 3 receiver side, with the LB bearing down on him, he throws a dime to his big slot WR on a corner pass TD to #84 Lee Morris (one of Murray’s Allen High School WRs).

Key: Murray once again shows his uncanny timing and touch while passing on the run. The timing is so good that Morris has enough room to make the catch near the sideline and turn it upfield for the TD.

What these 4 Plays Highlight:

* Murray’s ability to win from the pocket and off of the run (both in passing and rushing).

* Murray’s uncanny ability to elude pressure and then slow his throwing motion down while on the move.

* Murray’s ability to throw the ball where only his receiver can catch it.

* Murray’s exemplary sense of timing from the pocket and outside of the pocket.