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Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback situation is similar to most in the league

NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Cardinals signed Brett Hundley it signified... something.

At the time with Josh Rosen still under contract and the Cardinals holding the first pick, the question was more why Brett Hundley?

Now, with Kyler Murray in tow and the Cardinals offense, the secret offense no one can talk about, taking shape it makes more sense.

SB Nation ranked each NFL teams backup quarterback situation and the Cardinals find themselves in a good situation similar to a number of other teams:

Tier III: Career backups

Brett Hundley, Cardinals
Matt Barkley, Bills
Chase Daniel, Bears
Drew Stanton, Browns
AJ McCarron, Texans
Chad Henne, Chiefs
Brian Hoyer, Patriots
Trevor Siemian, Jets

This is the largest tier of backups in the league and Hundley’s inclusion makes sense. He has not shown well as a starter in this league, but he is more than competent enough to come in for a series or two when needed.

This group is comprised of quarterbacks who accepted they look better on the sideline wearing a headset than on the field wearing a helmet. They’re fine, and you hope to never see them for more than a few garbage-time series per season.

Looking over the tiers, where would you rank Hundley?

Tier I: Guys who could acceptably start in worse situations
Tier II: Our bridge to the future. Maybe (Josh Rosen tier)
Tier III: Career backups
Tier IV: Veteran mentors
Tier V: Former starters who no longer (or never did) have it
Tier VI: Possibly in our longterm plans, but possibly not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tier VII: Young guys who look in no way ready