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Fantasy experts think Kyler Murray can be instant impact as a rookie

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Few things have impacted the game of football and its explosion of popularity quite like fantasy football.

Now, what fantasy writers think and talk about is just as must read as that of game analysts. That’s why when fantasy writer Chris Allen wrote his article about Murray as an elite fantasy quarterback in 2019 begs to be talked about.

Read the entire article here, but some really good excerpts:

Murray’s rushing ability grabbed the attention of the fantasy community before he became the obvious No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. The notion of a quarterback who can rush for 1,000 yards in a single season while, at the very least, holding serve as a passer, is already creating hysteria in fantasy leagues. If Josh Allen was able to average 80 rushing yards and a touchdown over the final six games of last season without once topping 250 passing yards, what could Murray do? If Mayfield could break the NFL rookie touchdown record with a receiving corps headlined by a slot receiver, what could Murray do?

Murray’s incredible running ability is only buoyed by his innate ability as a passer:

Efficiency. TD Rate. QBR. Expected Points Added. Mayfield is the only one who comes close to Murray as a total package. His 69% completion rate (second-best in the group) is not only a testament to his skills as a passer, but another knock against the height narrative.

Allen lays out an incredibly detailed look at Murray the quarterback and why in 2019, it may not be crazy to see Kyler Murray finish as a legitimate quarterback one in fantasy football.