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3 Things we learned from Cardinals Flight Plan Episode 7 “Follow The Leader”

It was a Fitz-focused episode recapping the start of OTA’s, but what else did we learn about the Arizona Cardinals?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals had to find a way to top one of their most amazing Flight Plan episodes yet following the 2019 NFL Draft episode.

How could they possibly attempt to do it?

With Larry Fitzgerald being the main focus, of course. If you haven’t seen the episode yet you can check it out below along with the other 6 episodes in the series.

So what did we learn?

Here are THREE big takeaways:

#1: Larry Fitzgerald might really BE the most amazing dude on the planet

Okay, maybe not “new” news we’ve learned.

But still impressive.

Fitz took time out of his schedule (potentially it seemed like even missing the first day of OTA’s) to go early to a Dave & Buster’s to play games with a young boy named Caleb whose mother passed away as a result of Machado Joseph disease. Imagining how it wasn’t like it was some twitter push or some giant marketing campaign, or that it wasn’t even PUBLICIZED until this episode dropped, it shows how classy Larry truly is.

As he said, he heard about the situation and his heart went out to the child and I have to say...does the man ever sleep?

Garth Brooks said he might be the most amazing human being he’s ever met and you might have to believe it now.

#2: The OTHER pair of rookie roommates are pushing each other

We learned from Matthew Berry last week that Kyler Murray and Hakeem Butler are roommates (incredible on one hand given a nearly 8 inch difference between them in height):

This week we learned of two other roommates staying together in the hotel in rookie wide receivers Andy Isabella and Keesean Johnson.

Both seem to be fast friends willing to push each other and these bonds of friendship definitely will be something that makes the tough grind of the NFL just a little bit easier. Perhaps we can even project a bit into some other roommate pairings from this as well?

Maybe defensive backs Byron Murphy and Deionte Thompson are bunking together?

Defensive linemen Zach Allen and Michael Dogbe?

Offensive linemen Lamont Galliard and Joshua Miles, perhaps?

Those actually seem to make a lot of sense (and if poor Caleb Wilson all by himself?).

#3: MIchael Bidwill & the Cardinals raised the bar this year for winning

Michael Bidwill’s comments were probably the most revealing thing about the episode. It’s true that there’s a wind of change and positivity in the desert.

And he made his expectations PRETTY clear. Now granted he didn’t say “playoffs” or “Super Bowl” but he does expect the team to win next year. How many? Not sure, but the idea of a “5-11 growing team” that many national pundits and Las Vegas expects them to be seemed like it wouldn’t fly for him or anyone else.

Will that be a factor in this 2nd attempted Arizona rebuild? Perhaps it will, and perhaps it won’t. We’ll have to wait to find out, I guess...

What were your thoughts on the episode? Sound off in the comments section or go and @ Larry and let him know how awesome of a helping hand he was to young Caleb!