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Arizona Cardinals ticket prices make big jump after 2019 NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Kyler Murray Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL first and foremost is a business.

Winning is the key of any business, but in the interim, being interesting, being unique and being fun to watch can help bad teams in the business aspect.

That is where the Arizona Cardinals are right now. As they try and return to a semblance of competitiveness, they have the NFL world intrigued.

That means one thing for the NFL... Business.

After the 2019 NFL Draft, no team saw an increase in ticket prices on the secondary market quite like the Arizona Cardinals.

According TickPick, the no-fee secondary ticket marketplace, the average listing price for Cardinals tickets has increased 31 percent since the NFL Draft. That’s the largest movement – positive or negative – for any NFL team. Prior to the draft, the average listing price sat at $193.22 but moved to $253.74 in the days since.

No matter what you think of the Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury pairing, the NFL fans are incredibly interested in seeing what the heck they can do.

That extends especially to the first game of the season:

The home opener has also seen massive movement, increasing 58 percent from $145.22 to $229.41.

People want to see what the Murray era will hold.

At least the Cardinals have that for them now.