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As GM's fall, Steve Keim gets a third chance to build an offensive line in the desert

Arizona Cardinals OTA’s Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Steve Keim’s offseason needs a refocus.

I mean, what he has done does not, but the fact that he still has a job does.

When you look at two other organizations that have canned their general manager after the draft, it makes the tightrope walk of Keim even more impressive.

First it was Mike Maccagnan of the New York Jets.

Since 2015, when Maccagnan was PFWA Executive of the Year, Maccagnan had his chance to build the Jets.

He failed miserably.

It was his power struggle with Adam Gase, talk about dodging a bullet there Cards fans, that ultimately did in the GM.

He had his young quarterback, he had his huge cap space and still, he couldn’t find a way to hold onto the job.

Then, in a shocking move the Houston Texans fired GM Brian Gaine, he of the one regular season and two offseasons, including the 2019 offseason, the one that essentially guaranteed he would be fired.

From Battle Red Blog:

In today’s NFL, you win by getting the other team’s QB dirty while keeping your QB clean. This afternoon, Brian Gaine was fired for not doing nearly enough, or really much at all, to better protect Deshaun Watson in 2019. It was undoubtedly the correct move to ax Gaine.

When you boil it down to that, it was something that Maccagnan has not been able to do consistently… Find and protect a quarterback.

It’s something that Gaine failed to do for one of the best young quarterbacks in the game in Deshaun Watson.

It is something that Steve Keim has failed to do for the Arizona Cardinals.

He gets a third chance for the Arizona Cardinals.