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Is D.J. Humphries overpaid? Bleacher Report says so

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Creating the idea of an overpaid player is something.

The market typically will dictate the pay of each player, for the Arizona Cardinals, D.J. Humphries pay is based on his draft position as a first round pick as well as the team deciding to pick up his fifth year option.

So, when Bleacher Report comes out with their most overpaid player on each team, seeing Humphries as the Cardinals player was interesting.

From B/R:

It’s hard to justify paying a guy nearly $10 million when history suggests he’ll only play for half the year. Of course, it’s also hard to fault the Cardinals for doing so. They still don’t know if Humphries can be their franchise left tackle, and picking up his fifth-year option was the easiest way to give him one more chance to prove himself.

Until/unless Humphries does prove that he can anchor the line for a full season, however, he will be considered overpaid.

I get the sentiment, but from a perspective of overpaid, Humphries is the 16th highest paid left tackle in the NFL.

That is... avg.

Now, is Humphries the 16th best left tackle in football? Maybe when he is on the field, and the injury remarks are not only fair but accurate.

However, where would the Cardinals have found a better option for 2019? In the scope of one season, I can’t get on board with this idea.

The most overpaid player at this point is Justin Pugh.

Same injury concerns and Pugh is the eighth highest paid right guard in football and accounts for only $2 million less this season. On top of that, Pugh’s been paid nearly as much over 2018 and 2019 as Humphries in his career.

Now, I am not saying that Pugh is bad or anything, but if we are just talking about overpaid, I’d have to go with Pugh at this point.