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Arizona Cardinals shutout of Pro Football Focus top 50 heading into 2019

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Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The idea of Pro Football Focus is one that all fans can get on board with.

An independent group that grades and analyzes every single snap in the NFL.

However, like any entity they’ll have their detractors and their own shortcomings.

So, when PFF dropped their top 50 players heading into 2019 and nary an Arizona Cardinals player was found, it will automatically bring some questions.

First, how the group comes to their conclusions:

"The PFF50 is a product of evaluating every player on every play of each NFL season to produce PFF’s unrivaled database of stats, grades and information. This list is not about how valuable players are, but about how good they are, regardless of position."

"We started from the standpoint of a multi-year look at their grading before making adjustments based on situation, injuries where relevant, and new circumstances that could change a player’s future outlook."

Therein lies the rub for the Cardinals.

They are entering a period where maybe the only played who could argue deserves a spot is Chandler Jones and he didn’t even make the 2018 PFF 101.

So, with the fact that Patrick Peterson is suspended for six games and his future with the club is less than stable, the best weapon on offense is either a 36-year old wide receiver or a running back with one season over 1,000 yards rushing, it makes sense that the outlook of the Cardinals would not lend itself to a 50 best list.

That just means there is plenty of room for the team to change minds and prove people wrong in 2019 and beyond.