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Kliff Kingsbury will have to prove himself to many in the NFL

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Arizona Cardinals OTA’s Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For those stuck in the dark, college coaches use social media to spy on recruits.

Not only do they spy on perspective players, they check in on current players.

This is not a surprise.

In fact, it is a well known practice that Kliff Kingsbury even admitted to while doing it at Texas Tech:

"During an August 2016 appearance on 'The Hawkcast'podcast with then-Atlanta Falcons linebacker A.J. Hawk, Kingsbury openly revealed he and his Texas Tech coaches would set up fake social media accounts using 'cute girls' as avatars to spy on their players."

So, why did it become such an issue this weekend for some within the media?

  1. It is the dead time of the year and there are still clicks that need to be had.
  2. They don’t pay attention to college that much.
  3. There are a lot of people that don’t want Kingsbury to succeed.

The reality is this is so much of a non-story that I’m actually angry at myself for putting it on this site.

College recruiters have been using this tactic for a decade to make sure that recruits are worth the trouble.

Why would it stop when they are in the building?

The fact that Kingsbury is the one that admitted to using this trope is even more reason why it doesn’t matter, but for many there is a Kingsbury issue over everything else.

Kingsbury is not your normal NFL head coach. He didn’t come up through the ranks, cut his teeth in the league and grind it out.

Hell, he’s not even a prototypical coach pulled from the college ranks.

So, for many NFL curmudgeons, he has to prove himself.

Guys like Steve Wilks get the immediate benefit of the doubt, he worked his way up in the NFL.

For Kingsbury, it’ll take an on the field product to justify the hire.

Let’s hope that Kingsbury has more success than his predecessor.