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Former Arizona Cardinal Josh McCown announces his retirement from NFL

St. Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

17 years ago the Arizona Cardinals took a shot on a small school quarterback out of Sam Houston State.

Josh McCown was taken with the 81st pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, a third rounder with upside. Now, 17 seasons later he has retired.

Only one other player remains in the NFL from that draft, the first pick Julius Peppers and few had as long and as successful a career as McCown.

McCown threw for over 17,000 yards in his career with 98 touchdowns and 82 interceptions.

McCown was a part of one of the most iconic plays in Arizona Cardinals history, his touchdown pass to Nate Poole in the back of the end zone against the Minnesota Vikings, knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs and changing Larry Fitzgerald from the first overall pick to the third.

McCown’s career is truly remarkable, starting only 76 games in his career, he was never “the guy” but he certainly was always wanted.

In his final season as a regular starter, 2017 with the New York Jets, McCown had his best season, throwing for the most yards and most touchdowns in a single season in his career.

Congrats on a wonderful career and good luck in your new life, enjoy some of that $48 million and change you earned over the last 17 seasons.