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Eagles fans think Larry Fitzgerald was their team killer

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NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Yesterday we talked about who was the killer against the Arizona Cardinals.

Some interesting names were brought up along with my submission of Emmitt Smith, who I think is the easy call.

When PFF came up with the idea it set off a chain of events that I did not expect to see.

PFF named a number of players as killers of teams and one was Julio Jones, who killed the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles fans and analyst countered with another name.

Larry Fitzgerald.

I think moments count.

When you look at the careers of both against the Eagles, it plays out like this:

Fitz (8 regular season games): 47 receptions 744 yards 8 touchdowns - 6 receptions 93 yards 1 touchdown per game

Julio (5 regular season games): 36 receptions 597 yards 3 touchdowns - 7 receptions 119 yards 0.6 touchdown per game

The difference... Playoff performances

Both have played the Eagles in one playoff game, but Fitz put on a historic performance, 9 receptions 152 yards 3 touchdowns, in helping the Arizona Cardinals get to their first and only Super Bowl.

Julio had a nice game, but it was hardly different than his regular season performances, 9 catches 101 yards 0 touchdowns, and he miss timed a jump that would have won the game for the Falcons.

It makes sense that when you look back you remember the one that stopped you from getting to the Super Bowl, over the one that was just a bump in the road to the Eagles first Super Bowl win.