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My 53 Card Deck (Post Mini-Camp)

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals currently have 89 players on the roster. If the final cuts were today, these are the 53 Cards I would like to have in the deck. This is not a prediction---these are my own preferences (in order of rank)---with some explanations at the end.

Aces: 1---Murray (QB1), 11---Fitzgerald (WR1), 55---Jones (E1), 36 Swearinger (S1)

Kings: 31---Johnson (RB1), 13---Kirk (WR2), 58---Hicks (MB1); 32---Baker (S2)

Queens: 85---Clay (TE1), 89---Isabella (WR3); 43---Reddick (WB1), 56---Suggs (E2)

Jacks: 64---Sweezy (G1), 76---Gilbert (T1); 98---Peters (NT1), 23---Alford (CB1)

Tens: 67---Pugh (G2), 52---Cole (C1), 93---Philon (DE1), 33---Murphy (CB2)

Nines: 74---Humphries (T2), 17---Butler (WR4), 95---Gunter (NT2), 97---Allen (DE2)

Eights: 29---Edmonds (RB2), 19---Johnson (WR5), 47---Turner (WB2), 92---Gardeck (MB2)

Sevens (5 ST*): 4---Lee (P), 46---Brewer (LS), 5---Gonzalez (K); 22---Logan (KR), 12---Cooper (PR)

Sixes: 79---Cunningham (T3), 78---Harrison (T4), 20---Brock (CB3), 35---Thompson (S3)

Fives: 18---White (WR6), 87---Williams (TE2), 27---Shaw (CB4), 50---Reed (E3)

Fours: 53---Shipley (C2), 65---Gaillard (G3), 62---McClain (DE3); 91---Dogbe (DE4)

Threes: 7---Hundley (QB2), 14---Byrd (WR7), 30---Ford (S4), 94---Malveaux (E4)

Twos: 84---Wilson (TE3), 70---Gossett (G4), 59---Walker (WB3), 25---Jones (CB5)

Last 5 Out: TE Seals-Jones, G Miles, CB Williams, LB Vallejo, RB Foster


* Damiere Byrd and Rudy Ford have the speed and aggressiveness to be the gunners on the punt and kickoff teams. Plus, Byrd stretches the defense with his 4.26 speed.

* Cody Gossett is a good fit behind J.R. Sweezy. Similar physical style of play.

* Cameron Malveaux has upside as an inside/outside nickel pass rusher. Could play 34 DE in the base, too.

* Caleb Wilson gets the nod over Ricky Seals-Jones because he is faster and has better hands. Wilson needs to get stronger, but he’s just a rookie.

* TE---Charles Clay will get most of the action there. Maxx Williams will be used as a 2nd TE in blocking, play-action situations. Having 3 big target WRs (Fitzgerald, Butler, White) who are better receivers than Ricky Seals-Jones, they get the nod.

* G---Joshua Miles needs a year on the PS to learn both the guard and tackle positions.

* CB---Brandon Williams will have to beat out Josh Shaw and/or Chris Jones, but both are stronger in press coverage.

* LB---Joe Walker is an old favorite of LBC Billy Davis from their old Eagles days---plus he’s a standout on STs.

* RB---D.J. Foster will be difficult to cut because of his high effort, excellent character and versatile skills. However, he will have to stand out on STs and show that he can hit the holes as fast and quick as the K-Raid requires.

Top Argument:

”You can’t keep 8 WRs.”

* You can if you treat Pharoh Cooper as one of the 5 core STs specialists. Many NFL teams go: 24 offense, 24 defense and 5 ST specialists.

* When you are running a spread, uptempo offense with a heavy employment of 4 WRs, keeping a stable of them is a good idea.

* Plus, some of the big WRs like Fitzgerald, Butler and White will be used at times like flexed TEs.

* Cooper has more value than a 4th RB or 4th TE because he is a potential Pro Bowler.