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Arizona Cardinals get quite the preparation heading into their revenge game against Bruce Arians

Arizona Cardinals vÊSeattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, there are really only two games with revenge type qualities on their 2019 schedule.

And both of them are later in the season.

When you break down the Arizona Cardinals 2019 schedule, to me the first revenge game on the schedule is against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 10.

The revenge factor is not about Bruce Arians tenure in Arizona, it is the idea that Arians went somewhere else.

This is not bitter or envious, it is simply the idea of proving someone wrong. When things got tight in Arizona, much because of Arians “All or Nothing” mantra, it was easier to walk away and wait out the right situation.

That doesn’t matter to me, but it would sure feel good to show Arians that the right situation could have unfolded in the desert. That if you built through the draft and gave players ample time to develop, there could have been something in place that would not have faded away.

Instead we got 2018 and the fallout of that.

Now, with Kliff Kingsbury in tow and a young coaching staff in place, the potential is through the roof. This could be something that unfolds over a number of years and keeps the Cardinals relevant for a sustained period.

Not just a flash in the pan.

Week 10 will be a fun one.