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Patrick Peterson arrives to Arizona Cardinals offseason workouts

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It took two weeks, but the Arizona Cardinals finally have Patrick Peterson back on the field.

After another tumultuous offseason for the All Pro cornerback, including receiving a six-game suspension for PED use and the use of a masking agent, Peterson has shown up for the voluntary portion of offseason workouts.

Peterson has been a bit embroiled with the Arizona Cardinals, yet who within the Cardinals he has had issues with is unknown.

There were of course the cryptic Instagram posts, the erasure of anything Cardinals related from his social media and then of course... not showing up to any of the offseason workouts for the first two weeks.

It all caused quite the stir within the media.

However, as much as the media wants to worry, there is little on the mind of the players when it comes to these things.

In fact, Peterson was right back in the thick of things in his first day back.

The nightmare is over... For now.