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Revenge of the Birds Tuesday night open thread: Palmer to the Ring of Honor, Peterson’s comeback, the MLB Draft and more

Welcome to Tuesday night one and all.

It is beginning to get hot, like Arizona hot, outside which means Summer is coming.

If you’re like me and like to avoid the summer heat, well we have an open thread where I have some thoughts on a plethora of topics.

  • Carson Palmer will be the newest addition to the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor and it says more about the franchise history than it does the player. Palmer was good in his time in Arizona, but he won a single playoff game, had one breakthrough season then crapped the bed in the playoffs and was otherwise a solid top 12-15 quarterback in the league. And he absolutely deserves to be in the Ring of Honor because it was the best five year stretch of quarterbacking in this teams history. Bleh.
  • Patrick Peterson is back with the Cardinals at camp. I get both sides of the argument with Peterson. I am of the opinion that Peterson is too hard to replace so why trade him, but those that are tired of his act I understand. It’s hard to reconcile Peterson the player because he’s rarely targeted, which has made Steve Keim’s aversion to a long term solution at the cornerback two spot so odd, yet he is as good a cover man in the NFL as you’ll find. If you are bad, trade him. If you are good, he has to be seen as a boost for the stretch run.
  • Is there a crazier process than the MLB Draft? Not only is every prospect a coin flip, you don’t even know if you’ll be able to sign the picks you make. Add to that it’s 40 rounds long and no thank you.