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Arizona Cardinals claim Desmond Harrison off waivers according to report

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

That did not take long.

According to Ian Rapoport the Arizona Cardinals have put in a waiver claim on freshly released offensive tackle Desmond Harrison, formerly of the Cleveland Browns.

Not only is Rapoport reporting the Arizona Cardinals put in a waiver claim on Harrison, guaranteeing that they will have Harrison on their roster, but allegedly Harrison was spotted in Phoenix at the airport.

Harrison had an up and down season as an undrafted rookie, but his strength was his ability in pass protection, at least according to Pro Football Focus:

The pass blocking upside for Harrison is already pretty impressive, when you consider that grade is superior to what incumbent left tackle D.J. Humphries is in the last year of his rookie contract, had in 2018.

Now, Harrison doesn't compare to Humphries as a run blocker, but that hasn't done anything for the Cardinals pass protection.

So, Harrison would be a developmental player who has already had experience in the NFL.

If Humphries is playing well in his final year, Harrison can look to the right side of the offensive line where Marcus Gilbert is on a one year deal.

Or, heaven forbid, the Cardinals may have to replace both tackles heading into 2020.

The other nice aspect of the claim of Desmond Harrison… it cost virtually nothing. If Harrison struggles and or continues to struggle with maturity, it’s easy enough just to cut him loose.

It’s a win/win situation.

The Cardinals take a flyer on a young offensive line talent. If it works, it cost nothing. If it doesn’t work, it cost nothing.

For the Cardinals sake, let’s hope it works.