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Steve Wilks will have revenge on his mind when the Arizona Cardinals host the Cleveland Browns

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

He won’t say much, that is not his style, but you can bet that Steve Wilks has December 15, 2019 circled on his calendar.

The Arizona Cardinals made short work of Wilks head coaching tenure, with a one and done attitude that spilled over and into their roster.

What Wilks wants more than anything is to show that with the right players, with the right personnel that he is a good coach in this league, something that attracted GM John Dorsey to bringing in Wilks to the Browns:

“I think you want the best qualified player if there’s some flexibility,” Dorsey said. “It’s hard to make that transition if you’re a 3-4. I mean that’s hard because your roster is set up for 4-3 defensive scheme. It makes it a little bit easier, but the experience Steve gives, I think he’s a really well qualified coach.”

He also knew it was a talented team that would give him a chance to continue to coach in his style of preaching aggression and causing turnovers:

“That has been a part of my background and my makeup ever since I came into the league with the Chicago Bears,” he said. “You go back and look at the history of what we did there and same thing in San Diego, the year we went to the Super Bowl in Carolina. We pride ourselves not only on taking the ball away but scoring on defense.”

It’ll be revenge on the docket for Wilks and a shot for the Arizona Cardinals Kliff Kingsbury to show they made the right decision.