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Arizona Cardinals 2019 Opponents Notes: Bengals get ready for the post Marvin Lewis era

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Minicamp Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For years, the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals were unfortunate peas in a pod. Two awful franchises, moribund with nothing to look forward too.

Now, well they’re both bad and have dealt with a bevy of unfortunate injuries and decisions that has resulted in stagnant growth.

Since the Cardinals move to the valley, the Bengals and Cardinals have split the series at 4-4, and now both are trying to find their way with new coaches.

What is going on in Cincy? Let’s take a look with Cincy Jungle.

Is the Bengals’ lack of franchise success deliberate, or due to sheer ineptitude? - Cincy Jungle
Recently, a prominent national media member called the Bengals out on the carpet with the accusation that they actively attempt to be non-competitive. Is there truth to the notion?

Answering’s biggest questions about the Bengals - Cincy Jungle
Don’t expect Andy Dalton or A.J. Green to leave Cincinnati anytime soon.

Bengals receiving corps ranked in the league’s top 5 - Cincy Jungle
Let’s go!

Tyler Boyd says the Bengals have “the best offense in the NFL” - Cincy Jungle
Is Tyler Boyd crazy, or just confident?

Lou Anarumo’s new defense could be the key for the Bengals’ linebackers - Cincy Jungle
Nick Vigil’s comment on new defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo is a great sign for the rest of the unit.

NFL execs provide low marks for Bengals’ offseason, per ESPN - Cincy Jungle
Not many front office members and evaluators throughout the league thought highly of the Bengals’ over the past few months.

Top 5 Bengals most and least likely to receive extensions this offseason - Cincy Jungle
A lot of big-name Bengals are potential 2020 free agents. Who are they most likely to lockup before the season begins?

Bengals mailbag: Kicking around options and picking kings - Cincy Jungle
The CJ readers and OBI listeners have been sending us a bunch of great questions lately and we take a crack at answering a couple of them.

LB Preston Brown plans to assume leadership role in Bengals defense - Cincy Jungle
Under contract in his hometown for three more years, Brown is looking to make the most of the opportunity laid out in front of him.

Bengals QB Andy Dalton watched every snap of the Rams’ offense to learn Zac Taylor’s system - Cincy Jungle
Dalton has been putting in the work... in the film room.

Bengals’ defensive linemen Ryan Glasgow and Carl Lawson help each other rehab - Cincy Jungle
Ryan Glasgow and Carl Lawson went through their ACL rehab together, and they are both eyeing a similar goal: be ready for the season.

For Bengals’ receivers, loyalty lies above everything else - Cincy Jungle
Cincinnati has rarely been low on talent at the receiver position, and loyalty on both sides has been the main reason why.

Zac Taylor’s brother explains why he didn’t leave the Eagles for the Bengals - Cincy Jungle
Zac and Press Taylor dream of coaching together, but 2019 wasn’t going to be the year that dream came true.

Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap is more than happy to mentor young players behind him - Cincy Jungle
Carlos Dunlap sees the value in helping get the rookies ahead of the curve.

Should we expect more, less or the same production from A.J. Green in 2019? - Cincy Jungle
The Bengals’ star receiver is back at practice, but a new system, his entrance into his 30s and his early exit from two of the past three seasons bring all sorts of questions about this year’s outlook.

Zac Taylor keeps practice competitive by keeping score - Cincy Jungle
Zac Taylor is doing something unique in practice.

The Bengals have started to embrace Zac Taylor’s system - Cincy Jungle
We’re buying in too.

3 things we need to see out of the Bengals’ new offense - Cincy Jungle
Although the offensive coordinator has changed in years past, the Bengals’ offense has not evolved. That needs to change under Zac Taylor and Brian Callahan.

Bengals C Billy Price is set to drastically improve in Year 2 - Cincy Jungle
While chaos is once again surrounding him, things are starting to slow down for Bengals’ center Billy Price.

Andy Dalton, Carl Lawson among Bengals that need to improve in 2019 - Cincy Jungle
The Bengals will need these guys at their peak to make a run in 2019

Poll: How confident are you in the Bengals this season? - Cincy Jungle
How’s the Kool-Aid taste this year?