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ESPN future rankings questions those deciding the direction of the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Rookie Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN dropped their yearly Future Rankings in where they project out each team over the next three seasons.

The Arizona Cardinals were not last, but they were right near it.

At least, that is the opinion of ESPN analysts who placed the Cardinals 30th of 32 NFL teams in ESPN’s future power rankings [subscription only].

We’ll spend the next day going over the positive, but the negatives, or “the worry” that Louis Riddick has is something that is far more prevalent within the national media than that of the local media and fanbase:

Biggest worry: The more things change, the more they stay the same with this team. A year ago, I expressed concern about this organization’s ability to build a successful program by picking the right coaches, selecting the right players to fit the vision of the coaches and specifically develop what was the future franchise quarterback at that time in Josh Rosen. Well, as is typical with this team, changes were made, this time after just one year in terms of the head coach and QB. Until the Cardinals show that they know what they are doing as an organization in these two areas as far as the front office is concerned, they have no chance. -- Riddick

I think Riddick is still a little mad about the fact that Steve Keim remained GM, much to the surprise of a number of people.

No, the Cardinals allowed their GM to pick his third head coach and second “franchise” quarterback in as many years, with little in the way of repercussions.

So, that leaves a bad taste in big media’s mouth.

Yet, Riddick discounts the first five seasons of Keim and Michael Bidwill and acts as though this is Rod Graves 2.0.

Maybe it is, but does the results of 2018 give grounds for immediate dismissal, especially when it looks like the Cardinals are heading back in a cognizant direction this time around?