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Kyler Murray’s Madden rating falls below Josh Rosen’s as EA adjusts

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Minicamp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This time last year, the Arizona Cardinals fanbase was abuzz about Josh Rosen. When the initial 2019 Madden ratings were released, Rosen was the third overall ranked rookie quarterback, with an impressive 78 rating.

He trailed only Lamar Jackson (79) and Baker Mayfield’s astounding 81, which is incredibly high for a rookie.

A year later, on the release date of the newest Madden 20 ratings, Kyler Murray’s rating was a 73, the highest of all the rookie quarterbacks, but only breaking into the top 20 overall.

It makes sense, Rosen struggled mightily in 2018 and players like Josh Allen (74) and Sam Darnold (75) had rocky, up and down seasons.

When you factor in that most of Lamar Jackson’s positive play stemmed from the running game as a rookie, you get the idea that maybe they are self correcting from the previous season.

In 2017 the highest rated quarterback was Mitch Trubisky with a 77, while Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were ranked at a 76. I don’t think there are many that believe that a player like Rosen or Lamar Jackson should be ranked above rookie Watson and Mahomes.

That’s why, as fun as the rankings seem to be, they are always, like all list and rankings, to be taken with a grain of salt.

Unless you’re Daniel Jones.